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Who Is Cloudless

sverch in san francisco bio picture

Shaun Verch (Founder)

Hi, I’m @sverch! I’m a Site Reliability Engineer who has built cloud infrastructure in a wide range of organizations: from a 15 person startup to the world’s largest employer. I started Cloudless in 2018 to make it harder for humans to make harmful mistakes in software. I’m passionate about open source and about making it easier for people to develop robust, cloud agnostic infrastructure solutions.

Sarah Swanke by the ocean bio picture

Sarah Swanke (Advisor)

Hi, I’m @jankyswanky! I’m a Product Manager and data nerd who’s launched 3 successful products from the ground up, which are used by ~6.75 million people. I’m good with data, teasing out user problems, and asking lots of questions. I joined Cloudless because I have a passion for open source and making it easier for people to build things that help other people.

Joe Isaacson headshot picture

Joe Isaacson (Advisor)

Hi, I’m @jisaacso! I’m the VP of Engineering at Asimov, a startup in Cambridge, MA that programs living cells to develop previously impossible biotechnologies. Prior to Asimov, I managed machine learning teams at Quora and at URX (acquired by Pinterest).